North East Annual Giving Conference Attendees, Thank you!

Wow, the 2023 North East Annual Giving Conference (NEAGC) was a blast! We saw so many familiar faces and met loads of new folks too!

This year’s NEAGC was buzzing with energy. It brought together fundraising pros from the higher ed world, making it a melting pot of ideas and connections.

What made it stand out? Well, there were tons of insights and innovations shared that got everyone talking. As vendors in the print marketing scene, we had some awesome chats about how to make fundraising efforts pop.

If you missed swinging by our booth, don’t sweat it! Or if you did but want more, we’ve got your back. We’ve got samples of successful direct mail campaigns and cool print marketing materials that we’d love to share with you.

Imagine holding in your hands the magic of a killer campaign or flipping through print pieces that grab attention and get people talking. That’s the power of print, and we’re here to show it off.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your next big thing or just want to see what we’re all about, hit us up! We’ll send those samples straight to your door, no hassle!

The North East Annual Giving Conference wasn’t just a conference; it was a chance to spark creativity, make connections, and celebrate the spirit of giving. Huge thanks to everyone who made it awesome, and here’s to making even bigger waves in the world of fundraising!

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