Zenger Group is a G7® Targeted Qualified Facility

We are now a G7 Master Targeted, Qualified Facility! There are three tiers within the G7 Master Program and we have reached tier 2 of the increasingly rigorous program.

You can learn more about what this means here.

“……This is the intermediate level of G7 and G7 Targeted is achieved when G7 Grayscale is achieved, plus the solid ink measurements for primaries and secondaries (CMY and RGB) and substrate color are also within spec to one of the G7-based TARGETED color spaces.

This can be achieved according to the absolute white point or using substrate-relative condition. G7 Targeted compliance is not limited to only the reference print conditions in ISO 12647-2 or in ISO PAS 15339, any G7-calibrated dataset can be used as G7 reference print condition.

…..G7 Targeted achievement lets customers know that not only can a facility hit G7 Grayscale, but they can also achieve a higher level of compliance and their strongest colors can hit, for example, the specific LAB values for GRACoL 2013. “

We will continue on our path to the next tier within G7!