Zenger Group to be the Print Partner for Frintz!

Exciting news emerges as Zenger Group announces its partnership with Frintz, marking a significant collaboration in the printing industry. As a print partner, Zenger Group brings its wealth of experience and innovative solutions to enhance Frintz’s printing capabilities. This strategic alliance is poised to redefine the standards of print services, offering clients unparalleled quality and efficiency. With a shared commitment to excellence, Zenger Group and Frintz are poised to embark on a journey of growth and success, catering to the evolving needs of their customers in the dynamic world of printing.

“Rochester Startup Frintz Enters Buffalo Market

BUFFALO, NY May 31, 2023 –

Frintz, a Rochester-based startup that offers consumers free high-quality photographic prints supported by advertising, today entered the Buffalo market.

          Frintz – the combination of “free” and “prints” – is the brainchild of William Testa, an entrepreneur with more than 35 years in the printing industry. He joined with the creator of Frintz’s patents, Gustavo Paz-Pujalt, Ph.D., who formerly ran Kodak’s digital-imaging technologies. Paz-Pujalt holds more than 100 national and international patents and is an inductee of the Kodak Distinguished Inventors Gallery.

The concept is simple:

Americans ordered 40 billion photo prints in 2022, and 79 percent of those consumers were ages 25-34. Frintz attracts advertisers – a pet food supply company, for instance – and connects a high-quality print of someone’s cherished memory to an ad for the company’s products.

          Frintz, which uses the ads to defray production, mailing and photo print costs, delivers the photos for free. Frintz is already the U.S. Postal Service 2021 Grand Champion of its National Next Generation Campaign Awards.

A portion of the company’s revenue will go to several charities. Frintz is also partnering with https://printreleaf.com/ so trees are planted to maintain sustainability.

          “The value-added, compared to other mail services, is that people who receive their Frintz packet get free photographs and can’t wait to open it to see their pictures,” Testa said. “When they see their precious memories, they also see the attached ads and are in a happy and excited place to review an advertiser’s message.”

          The Buffalo-Niagara launch comes at a time Frintz also plans to launch in Nashville, Syracuse, Rochester, Boston, Albany, Cincinnati, Cleveland and 24 other cities.

          “Frintz is a billboard in the living room,” Testa said, “and it’s tied to the customer’s favorite photograph. You can’t beat that for affinity, for developing brand loyalty. We expect to generate an almost 100 percent open rate for our advertisers. The product advertising engagement rate will be off the charts.”

          The 4-by-6 print is easily removed from the ad via a micro-perforated side of a piece of high-quality photo paper, suitable for mounting for framing. Frintz, which is live in Rochester, expects to start with 5,000 mailers in Buffalo in June. Frintz is also committing to product category exclusivity per packet.

Bryan Carr, the former vice president of production at The Buffalo News, is in charge of the Buffalo-Niagara market. Zenger Group in Tonawanda will do the printing locally, and CEO Steve Zenger said the Frintz work will likely lead to additional hiring. 

          “This is a natural for Buffalo-Niagara companies that sell tires, automotive products, make banking offers, want to attract people to spa days, as well as sell pet food and restaurant enticements,” Carr said.

          Also, Frintz works mostly from an app on a smartphone, so uploading pictures is easy. Since the prints are free, no financial information is exchanged between the consumer and Frintz. With everyone’s cyber security in mind, the only information needed is name and mailing address for U.S. Postal Service delivery.

          “More than anything, we value spreading joy and doing our part to make the world a better place,” Testa said. “Through The Frintz Fund, we commit ourselves to donating a portion of our advertising revenue to support children with intellectual disabilities as well as to breast cancer research.”

More about Frintz and Bill Testa

Frintz brings joy to our world, delivering your memories to your mailbox and then to your picture frames, walls, refrigerators, and gifts shared with one another. As Frintz experiences success as a national and global business, Bill Testa pledges to gift portions of our proceeds to make the world a better place. Frintz will support children with intellectual disabilities and work to help make dreams come true both on and off the sports field. Other social causes and charities Frintz will be supporting include Rotary International and, LGBTQ+ youth and adults, and organizations that aid our furry friends in need. www.frintz.com

More about Zenger Group

Zenger Group is a commercial printing and direct mail manufacturer based in the Buffalo, New York area. Partners Press and Downtown Graphics are also Zenger Group companies. The company serves a wide range of vertical markets including Healthcare, Non-Profit, Publishing, Higher-Education, Finance/Banking and Consumer Marketing. Zenger Group serves client locally in Upstate New York and nationwide including major clients in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City. The company employs 125 full-time professionals and craftspeople. www.zenger.com          

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