Zenger Group’s direct mail USPS Rate Sheet for 2022

Navigating the Direct Mail Landscape

In today’s digital age, where inboxes overflow and online ads saturate screens, direct mail‘s allure remains unparalleled. It’s a strategic cornerstone for businesses cutting through digital noise, connecting tangibly with audiences.

At Zenger Group, we grasp direct mail’s pivotal role in marketing. Success hinges on compelling content, creative design, and efficient postage logistics.

Understanding USPS postage rates and regulations will help maximize the ROI of your campaigns. Effective strategies start with knowing postage options and pricing structures. We provide services tailored to diverse business needs, ensuring optimal impact at low cost.

Leveraging Zenger Group’s technologies streamlines mailing processes, from address verification to delivery tracking.

Direct mail isn’t just letters and postcards; it’s about meaningful connections and tangible results. Harnessing direct mail and delivering personalized, high-impact messages, fostering brand loyalty.

Zenger Group assists businesses in navigating direct mail with confidence. We develop customized solutions that deliver measurable results, partnering from concept to delivery.

Unlock your potential with Zenger Group and the USPS, watching your marketing efforts soar.

Direct Mail USPS Rate Sheet

Postal rates have changed again. Check out our handy postal rate sheet. Also located in our Asset Library here.

*Effective 7/10/22

Zenger Group’s direct mail USPS Rate Sheet for 2022